Letter from the Editor

Designing my last issue of The Purple was a jarring experience, and it made me think back over the more than 500 hours I’ve spent on Sundays laying out the paper.

First, I’m overwhelmingly grateful to the editors I’ve worked under: Alysse Schultheis (C’16), Lam Ho (C’17), and Robert Beeland (C’18). I have seen the paper improve so much over the past almost four years, and we’ve all built on one another’s work.

Second, I’ve been lucky to manage an amazing staff this past year. Their hard work and dedication inspires me daily. For this issue, check out their work on investigating curriculum changes and Carnegie Hall renovations. I’ve tried to challenge them as I challenge myself, and they’ve always risen to the occasion.

The Sewanee Purple has defined my college experience, and I’m not sure how to feel as I leave it. I love The Purple and everything it stands for. My love for Sewanee underlies everything I write, and that means I often challenge Sewanee, asking myself and others how we can make our community stronger.

I’ll remain an avid reader of The Purple. Before that, I’m excited to see our next editor-in-chief, Anna Mann (C’20), take over. Her endless enthusiasm, stellar writing ability, and work ethic means the future of The Purple is certainly a bright one.


Fleming Smith ‘19

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