Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

With all the essays, tests, and late nights, the week before spring break can feel like a fever dream. So here’s to the conclusion of student work and the beginning of our teacher’s grading period. Congrats to Sewanee’s students and teachers, we’ve earned a bit of respite.

In the past few weeks, students have been eager to challenge themselves outside the classroom as well as in it. Check out Klarke Stricklen’s (C’22) article about the Critical Language Scholarship winners, Vanessa Moss’ (C’20) article about the flooding in Lost Cove, and Oliver Heffron’s (C’21) opinion on the changes to local Greek organizations.

I’m proud of The Purple staff’s dedication during this issue. Our reporters wrote multiple articles each and delved deeply into their topics. Consequently, many of our pieces are text heavy. I hope this won’t deter readers from following and enjoying each story.

Spring break is on the horizon, but as always, the Mountain will continue to buzz even if most of its students have left. I would like to encourage each of our readers to check Sewanee’s social media over the coming week to keep up with University life, even while enjoying their well-earned break.

Anna Mann

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