Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

After the excitement of last week’s elections and another Spring Party weekend, the campus seems quiet again. I know I speak for all students when I say I greatly anticipate the coming plans of the new Student Government Association (SGA) and Order of the Gown (OG) presidents Emma Burdett (C’20) and Nellie Fagan (C’20).

Additionally, I would like to take a moment to express gratitude and appreciation for the hard work of the current SGA and OG presidents: Mac Bouldin (C’19) and Kelsey Arbuckle (C’19). Both Bouldin and Arbuckle have sought to bolster their peers and better this institution to great effect, and I am proud to have worked with them through the lens of The Purple this past year.

Our campus is filled with inspiring student leaders and teachers. As always, The Purple sought to capture their achievements in the present issue. Check out Klarke Stricklen’s (C’21) article about David Johnson (C’19) winning the Watson Fellowship to study transitional justice. In that same vein, Briana Wheeler (C’20) beautifully captures the work of Dr. Wyatt Prunty (C’69) of the English department in her Professor Spotlight.

If the elections this past week revealed anything, it was the tenacity and passion of the university’s residents. Thanks to all who participated in the polls, voters and campaigners alike, for helping shape the future of our campus. We at The Purple look forward to following their work in the coming semesters.

Anna Mann

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