Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

I know much, if not all, of the campus has heard the parental saying of: “make the most of this time, college will fly by!” I suppose they’re right. The past three years have truly been a whirlwind of writing, reading, and (a little) arithmetic. Though “the three Rs” have taken up much of these years at Sewanee, the Mountain’s population has taught me just as much as any classroom could.

I would like to point out the flurry of activity surrounding the Honor Council, Student Government, and administration who are enacting reforms, proposing new committees, and keeping the school up to par with peer institutions. They’ve been using this last portion of the year to make sure Advent 2019 begins as smoothly as possible.

Additionally, to see student creativity at work, check out Vanessa Moss’ (C’20) piece on the Green House’s annual Leg and Salmon talent performance, as well as Sydney Leibfritz’s article concerning the student written and directed play, The Fate of the Fork.

To the graduating seniors, good luck. The Sewanee community will miss each one of your unique contributions to this campus. I know there is much ahead of each graduate of the class of 2019, and The Purple looks forward to following your progress.

As for the rest of us, happy finals season. And remember, summer is just around the bend. The Purple will make sure to keep the our website up to date with all your summertime campus questions.

Anna Mann

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