Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

Welcome back to the Mountain! In addition to the class of 2023, the staff of the Purple is excited to welcome Jeremy O’Neill (C’21) and Claire Crow (C’21) as section editors. I look forward to the hard work and fresh perspective they will contribute in the semester to come. Both came with ideas in which to improve the paper in the coming year and a passion for the newsroom.

I’m also eager to welcome the new first-year students who joined the regular staff at our last planning meeting. It can be nerve-wracking to join a news organization with no journalism school to help guide and teach newcomers. I am proud of the Purple staff for stepping into this role to shape a new generation of writers. Additionally, I anticipate the growth and talent of each new writer that came into the office on the first day of classes. 

In this vein, I would encourage you to read Kristopher Kennedy’s (C’23) lively piece on the mural of “Hitchhiking Jesus.” It sheds an interesting light on the dual notes of religion and art that pervade Sewanee’s campus. On a more serious note, Oliver Heffron (C’22) wrote a well-developed and informative piece on the new Social Host Policy. 

As the campus continues to grow and change, so will the Purple. We intend to meet the challenges of the upcoming school year with the same energy and dedication we have employed in the past. 

Anna Mann

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