Letter from the Editor

Dear readers, 

This week alone, I’ve watched a friend write four essays in five days, seen another spend 14 hours in the photo lab in the span of two days, and stared as a student pulled out a pile of notecards higher than the Cumberland Plateau in duPont. I’ve come to an easy conclusion: it’s officially midterm season.

During this time of year, it’s easy to forget that there are goings-on outside of the classroom. Students become so caught up in long nights in the library, that they forget not only to look around the Mountain, but the world at large. With this in mind, presidential elections are imminent. I would like to encourage all students not only to make sure their voting registration is up to date, but to do their research. 

Last issue, The Purple covered the Debate Watch sponsored by the Center for Speaking and Listening, Dialogue Across Difference and Yea, Sewanee Votes. As a campus, we are lucky to have non-partisan events such as this to participate in. I would like to encourage each one of us to attend events such as this despite the busy time of year.

On that note, Vanessa Moss (C’20) wrote an interesting piece on the source of the University’s food. Klarke Stricklen (C’22) covered the creation of the 213 A leadership project, which was made to further social change on campus. Additionally, Amelia Leapheart (C’23) wrote an informative news piece on how Betterfi is seeking to end predatory loans in Grundy County. 

Finish that essay, study for that test, but do your homework outside the classroom as well. Best of luck to us all, and here’s to an impending fall break! 

Anna Mann 

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