Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

The past few weeks have brought snow to the mountain, and with it, quite a few newsworthy events and happenings around campus. 

In this issue, our staff covered a diverse array of topics. Dakota Collins (C’23) covered an important dialogue on the Reframing Project, an initiative by the OCCU, which includes the Faces of Sewanee exhibit at duPont Library. Additionally, students at the School of Theology have written a letter to the editor in support of the Purple’s staff editorial about the necessity of honoring Gene Robinson (C’69) with an honorary degree, and the SoCo has published an opinion piece as a follow-up to the New York Times article that detailed their attempts to urge for socially-responsible management of the University’s endowment. 

Also contained within this issue is the second-ever Purple crossword, designed by our resident enigmatologist, Jeremy O’Neill (C’21), as well as cartoons from Max Saltman (C’21) and Elijah Greiner (C’22). 

Read, learn, and have fun.

Colton Williams

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