Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

I would like to dedicate this letter to The Purple’s new and returning staff, as well as the contributing writers from the student body this semester. Ahmad Ijaz (C’24), Meg Butler (C’24), and Anna Cook (C’25) served as new staff members this semester, and breathed new life into The Purple after student journalism struggled amid campus-life during the pandemic. Camille Pfister (C’24) not only shared her literary journalistic skills, covering many of the artistic events on-campus, but also her layout skills. After our usual layout person tested positive for COVID, Camille stepped in with her InDesign skills. Without her we wouldn’t have published a third issue this semester! 

Emma Howell (C’23) has proved to be one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic staff members this year. She dedicates every other Sunday afternoon with myself and the junior editors, but carries the heaviest burden as the one responsible for creating our newspaper layout. 

Beylie Ivanhoe (C’24), our photographer, skills and passion brightens The Purple’s newsroom every Wednesday evening. One of our most flexible staff members, Beylie’s always ready to run to a last-minute event with her camera ready. 

Addison Hall (C’23) has served as our business manager for the past few semesters. From driving to local businesses, she not only recovered our payment issues after operating solely online, but harbored new advertisers while sending staff their paychecks at the end of every semester!

Thank you to every member of the community who has read any of our articles (even if you just read the horoscopes)! Please stay on the lookout for our printed editions throughout campus, and share our online editions so your friends and family off the Mountain can enjoy Sewanee’s finest student journalists.

YSR and EQB.
Amelia Leaphart (C’23)

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  1. Is there a digital subscription available? I’d like to keep current with the new VC’s initiatives! Thanks!

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