From left to right: Luke Williamson C’21, Mandy Moe Pwint Tu C’21, Reece Jamison C’19, Anna Mann C’20, Alicia Wikner C’21, Luke Gair C’21, Lucy Wimmer C’20, Colton Williams C’21, Fleming Smith C’19 Not pictured: Jasmine Huang C’21, Richard Pryor, III C’20, Halle King  C’20, Abby Garmon C’19, Matt Hembree C’20, and Faculty Advisor Dr. Virginia Craighill

The Sewanee Purple is a bimonthly newspaper run by students of Sewanee: The University of the South. Students of both the College and the Seminary, faculty members, and others in the community are encouraged to contribute to this publication. The Purple strives to cover any and all events that are of concern to those at the University. The Purple also provides a forum for student opinion and debate and serves as an outlet for photographers, writers, artists, and all those interested in any aspect of newspaper production.

If you would like to become a contributor to The Sewanee Purple, please email

Fleming Smith C’19

Executive Editor
Anna Mann C’20

Junior Editors
Colton Williams C’21
Jasmine Huang C’21

News Editor
Alicia Wikner C’21

Features Editor
Luke Gair C’21

A&E Editor
Mandy Moe Pwint Tu C’21

Opinions Editor
Reece Jamison C’19

Sports Editor
Richard Pryor, III C’20

Business Manager
Halle King  C’20

Layout Editors
Richard Pryor, III C’20
Abby Garmon C’19

Online Management and Engagement Editor
Luke Williamson C’21

Photo Editor
Matt Hembree C’20

Staff Photographer
Lucy Wimmer C’20

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Virginia Craighill