Trek down to the tavern and test your trivia

By Taylor Baird


So the weekend has passed and you’re toiling away at your library carrel on a Tuesday night. All you want to do is take a break from homework because honestly, Saturday night and the carefree attitude of the weekend was a while ago, and Thursday night isn’t as close as you would like think. What better way to escape Club Dupont for a bit, yet still exercise your brain, than Tuesday Trivia Night at the Blue Chair Tavern? A new event on the Mountain, Tuesday Trivia Night occurs every other week downtown at the Blue Chair Tavern and is co-sponsored by The Board.

The idea was born with the collaboration of the Blue Chair’s owner, Jimmy Wilson (C’73), Sewanee’s very own Assistant Director of Residential Life for Housing and Programs, Kristin Weyman, and Assistant Director of Residential Life for Facilities and Sustainability, Bentley Cook (C’11). In an effort to bring the popular pastime of trivia up the mountain and closer to Sewanee, the three decided that if Wilson provided the facility and food, Weyman and Cook would assume the self-titled role of “quizmasters.” Wilson notes that, Assistant Dean of Student Organizations, Hagi Bradley, and Student Activities Coordinator, Rhett Reeves (C’12) have also been key to the vision and success of Tuesday Trivia Night. The group set out with the goal to create a fun event that could unite the whole community–undergraduates, faculty, staff, locals, seminarians, parents, and anyone passing through Sewanee. Wilson explained how “the Sewanee village” has been growing and that he hopes with events such as Tuesday Trivia Night, people will become more accustomed to coming downtown, and mixing the student body with the surrounding community.

As for the trivia itself, there are five rounds with ten questions each. Rounds one, three, and five consist of questions that require written answers that are to be graded by quizmasters Weyman and Cook. Rounds two and four consist of picture trivia where the picture could be a person, a place, or a thing. The categories and questions change every week and are tested for toughness beforehand on Assistant Dean of Students for Residential Life, Mary Beth Bankson Williams and Residential Life Office Manager, Jania Collins. In between trivia rounds prizes are given out for a variety of ever-changing categories. Prizes range from a free pitcher of beer (if the team is of age), a growler of a signature Jackalope Brewing Co. beer to take home, Jackalope glasses, or a gift certificate to The Blue Chair Cafe, Bakery & Tavern. Wilson says the response to the event has exceeded their expectations and that they are all very grateful to those who have come down to the Tavern. He plans to make Tuesday Trivia Night at The Tavern a recurring event with the Blue Chair Tavern being open later on Tuesday nights. The event has grown from 13 teams on the first night to 17 teams on the most recent Tuesday Trivia Night.

As the event grows, the group plans to have teams occupy each side of the Blue Chair, with the tavern side and the cafe side both being utilized. Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, Jessica Hardy (C’06) has stepped in to join the group as a “quizmaster in training” and is bringing her infectious personality to help run the cafe side on Trivia Night.

So, whether you want to stretch your brain, spend some time with friends, sample the Tavern’s newly expanded menu, or just grab a brew, go down to the next Tuesday Night Trivia at the Tavern prepared with a funky team name. Be there around 6 p.m. to grab a good seat and some food before trivia starts at 7 p.m., lasting about an hour and a half. The next Tuesday Trivia Night will be on Feb. 26, so take a break from the library and head down to The Blue Chair Tavern to rival your fellow students and your professors outside of the classroom. Kids and families are also welcome, and even if you don’t want to join in on the trivia, trek on down to cheer on the competing teams.