Though SUT remains broken, film interest continues

By Taylor Morris


John Lampley (C ’16) summed up the student opinion when he said, “the SUT has become my favorite place to go to be disappointed.” The Sewanee Union Theatre’s historic projector has been out of commission since Jan. 20, when its scheduled showing of Pitch Perfect eliminated the theatre’s weekly Wednesday and weekend events, leaving film buffs with little prospects of stimulation. Due to the necessary replacement part’s discontinuation, repairs have been significantly delayed. Replacement of the projector with a newer, digital model has been discussed, though the SUT has remained silent to the general public since apologizing for any inconvenience caused by the malfunction.

Despite this recent depression in official cinema activities, film still continues to play an important role on Sewanee’s campus. Recently, Students Positively Organized Together (SPOT) hosted a viewing of the latest James Bond flick, the Academy-Award winning Skyfall, and the weekly series, “Blades, Bows, and Bushido” continues to screen such classics as Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai in the Gailor Language Lab.

In addition to the various viewing opportunities around campus, ideas for a new student organization, the Film Society, have also been started to encourage student participation in film theory and production. The society tentatively intends to hold film showings and discussions, it also plans to potentially participate in collegiate competitions and host a film festival with Sewanee student contributions. Select students have also been in talks with professors in the University’s film studies department concerning increased amounts and re-instatement of some of the department’s events and courses. More news on this front will be reported as it is becomes available. Though the SUT is temporarily damaged, students and professors continue to support the entertainment industry and consider its effects on our society.