A look to the future

by Conner Anderson

As exams begin to take their toll and students begin to yearn for some summer relaxation, it’s important to remember the value of the past athletic year. Just in the last couple of years, sports on the Mountain have undergone a promising transformation, spelling a bright future for incoming, as well as current, Sewanee athletes. With the foundation of this future beginning to take shape, it’s vitally important that the student athlete collective stay vigilant and take pride in this journey for improvement.

The arrival of Vice Chancellor McCardell on the Domain was met with all of the optimism of a man who reinvigorated the Middlebury College athletic program. McCardell, who—it seems—brought an agenda to create a more well rounded campus, instantly made his presence known, evident through the vast improvements of the past several sports seasons. With the man in charge making the right adjustments, revealing a vested interest in Sewanee athletic culture, the rest of the responsibility now lies solely in the hands of the student body, which must seize these new opportunities for success.

The biggest misconception about success, particularly in the realm of sports, is that it’s fleeting. Popular sentiment sometimes portrays success as something that’s available just for a moment and then, with too much hesitation, evaporates suddenly out of the athlete’s hands. This view of success, it seems, renders it largely unobtainable and completely subject to chance. A background look at any famous athlete, however, will show that success is the compilation of years of work and dedication. It’s not born out of a moment or overnight; it’s realized after years of persistence.

With this empowering and proven, view of success, the framework laid by McCardell can transform into something larger, perhaps a dynasty of athletic triumph on the Mountain. This triumph would elevate Sewanee pride, a feeling already deeply rooted in and associated with the University, to new heights.

In conclusion, the pride and legacy of the University lie within the hands of all Sewanee student-athletes. As any successful person knows, true dedication requires a year round commitment. So whether you’re swinging a bat, throwing a pass, or swimming a lap, take time this summer to perfect your art. With a bit of nostalgia for last season, along with a deep sense of school pride, elevate your game and elevate the University of the South.