Chemistry department changes curriculum

by Leah Terry

The chemistry department is instituting a new curriculum, which will commence in the fall. The department will be offering two new courses: Chemistry 100: Foundations of Chemistry and Chemistry 120: General Chemistry. Each can be used to fulfill the science requirement.

Chemistry 100 will be provided as a non-lab course and is highly recommended for those who haven’t formerly completed chemistry in high school, so it is a great way to fulfill the non-lab science requirement or the new G5 attribute. Because it does not have a lab component. However, because medical schools will not accept this course, it is a better option for those not pursuing pre-med studies or a major in chemistry. Completion of this course, however, does not restrict students from taking more chemistry classes. If any student, upon taking this class, develops an interest in chemistry, he or she is encouraged to continue that interest.

Chemistry 120 will be an introductory course which condenses into one semester what previously was offered in two consecutive semesters. Because this course does offer a lab segment, it is generally a better option for students whose degrees depend on a better understanding and higher course level requirement for chemistry.

The two new courses will be offered in both the Advent and the Easter semester next year. Because of the change, Chemistry 201: Organic Chemistry 1 will be moved to the Easter semester and Chemistry 202: Organic Chemistry 2 will be moved to the Advent.

The chemistry department hopes to soon implement a formal placement test, but for now, any student who needs guidance in making a decision between these two courses should contact the chemistry department.