Marin Miller entertains at the SUT

by Chris Murphree

The crisp air of a Sewanee Sunday. The pleasant aroma of popcorn. The sounds of light jazz music. Such was the scene at the SUT on South Carolina Avenue last week, as what was poised to be a calm and relaxing evening became a night full of laughter and pep as Marin Miller (C’03) took the stage.

After graduating from Sewanee, Miller went on to work with the Nashville Children’s Theater and the Nashville Shakespeare Festival. Miller then spent time exploring New York City, before she returned to Nashville in 2010. As part of the Sewanee Arts Festival, Miller, a theatre major during her time on the Domain, returned home to showcase two short films on “the largest screen between Tullahoma and Chattanooga.”

Marin starred in the “30 Day Challenge,” an adventurous tale of a young couple’s desire to renew, well, the desire to consummate their marriage. After attending marriage counseling led by their evangelical preacher, they decide to embark on a challenge by having sex every day for 30 days. Miller and co-star Travis Nicholson comically and beautifully illustrate the hardships of maintaining a sexual relationship with your lifelong partner. The couple enlists the help of wine, friends, co-workers, and more wine as they embark on their journey. Miller landed a role in the “30 Day Challenge” after her return from Nashville. Her first role behind cameras instead of on the stage, Miller fell in love with the cinematic form and felt like she “couldn’t stop the energy” she felt from the role. So she didn’t. Miller went on to star in, produce, and write her next short film “Whether You Like it or Not.”

Originating from a sketch Miller performed as part of Nashville’s No Shame Theater, Marin plays a helpless romantic and stalker planning to marry her interest whether he likes it or not. Filled with vaudeville, a light musical number, and even tap dancing, Miller’s ability and versatility as an actress are on stunning display.

Her serious demeanor will serve her well in her upcoming roles, in which she stars as Cecily Cardew in Oscar Wilde’s most genuine play, The Importance of Being Earnest, with the Tennessee Repertory Theater. Additionally, she is working on her next short film “Lower Broads.