College student email system reworked

by Lam Ho
Junior Editor

As of Feb 1, Sewanee students will no longer receive cstudents from organizations, clubs, and offices at Sewanee. “College student” emails, the messages that act as a catchall to notify the entire student body of events and updates spam from other senders, students will be allowed to select the student organizations, academic departments, sports teams, and various groups they want to hear from on their Sewanee Gmail accounts.

The new system is a part of an experiment created to achieve email efficiency and acts as the first tier to one centralized goal: technologically efficient academic institution. A general student consensus is that too many cstudents are sent, which takes away from the motivation to read through each update relevant to the campus. With the new system, students can choose to receive emails from specific institutions that send updates that interest the reader (i.e. a Spanish major would subscribe to an email list that sends invitations to lectures and displays of Spanish culture). According to Student Body President Charlie Hughes (C’14), “the main goal is for offices to send emails to those who want them and for students to become more informed and compelled to participate in activities that interest them.”

Once Cstudents are limited, students will be included in each subscription list. The all-inclusive system lets each user select which emails are and are not priorities. A user can unsubscribe until he or she has the right selection of groups based on interest. For example, everyone will be automatically subscribed to Stirling’s. If at any point the student wishes to stop receiving notifications, he or she would select the option within an email to “unsubscribe” from the sender’s updates.

As the new system is an Student Government Association-promoted idea, student senators ask that users submit suggestions, comments, and criticisms to