The Best and Worst Ads of Super Bowl XLVIII

by Justin Smith
Staff Writer

The Best:
Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” was probably the most popular commercial of this year’s Super Bowl. It gathered a whopping 42 million views on YouTube and gripped the hearts of puppy and horse lovers everywhere. The commercial featured a puppy and horse who grew up together but eventually separated, only to be reunited by the power of love, goodwill, and Budweiser.

Budweiser stole the show yet again with this commercial, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Minka Kelly, Don Cheadle, and a llama named Lilly. The ad shows an unsuspecting man sitting alone at a table in a restaurant when a woman comes up to him and asks him if he’s ready to take the Bud Light in her hand and see where his night takes him, after which he encounters the aforementioned people and does weird stuff with them.

Coca-Cola easily had the most controversial and thought-provoking commercial of the Super Bowl with their “America is Beautiful” ad. It featured “America the Beautiful” being sung in various languages, and towards the end showed a family with 2 fathers roller skating with their child. This is a very bold move for Coca-Cola, and one that will most likely work out well for them in the end.

The Worst:

Axe’s “Make Love Not War” commercial was one of the most poorly thought-out advertisements of the Super Bowl. It shows scenes that are supposed to represent Germany, Vietnam, North Korea, and the Middle East. You think the people in the scene’s are about to do something related to violence when they make an act of love instead. It has nothing to do with deodorant at all. Axe was wide right with this one.

Another “Transformer’s” movie. I wish this commercial was a joke, but sadly there will be yet another installment to the “Transformer’s” franchise in the near future. Why the producers chose to unveil this during the Super Bowl, I do not know. It certainly deflated my mood a bit.

Lastly, we have Hyundai’s “Nice” commercial. There’s not much going on in it, just a woman twisting the words of “Big Bang Theory’s” Johnny Galecki, who is trying to hit on her while driving next to her in the same car. It’s a commercial the people at Hyundai thought would be funny, but the millions of Americans who watched the commercial weren’t laughing. And to top things off, it all ended with Hyundai trying to use a hashtag that ended up reading “#NiceHashtag.” Come on, Hyundai.