No snow days? Snow what?!

by Adele Ewan
Staff Writer
In light of the recent string of snowpocalyptic events, it has become apparent that Sewanee is not prone to having snow days. Meanwhile, at state schools and larger universities that have an abundance of commuting students, snow days have become increasingly common. Even in the south. Especially in the south, given the region’s inability to handle even an ounce of snow. The south’s snow problems became extremely obvious this year with the Walking Dead-esque horror scene that was Atlanta, Georgia, during a massive blizzard (two inches of snow).
Here in Sewanee, school is on even if there are three inches of snow on the ground–which science says is enough snow to qualify as a catastrophe in Tennessee. It’s not all bad, though. There are some serious benefits to going to class in the snow. Below is a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of not having snow days.
• DIY snow cones in class
• Many opportunities to throw snowballs at people as they are forced to go outside and walk to class
• If you plan it out right, you could make a snowman, dress it up to look like you, and send your snowman dummy to class.
• You can sled to class (or to the market or CVS if you feel so inclined)
• You can sleep in later… if you sled to class
• You have to actually go to class
• You have to wake up in order to go to class
• Treacherous conditions can lead to an increase in students falling on the way to class, especially among those who enjoy a good screwdriver in the morning
• Less time to Instagram pictures of snow
• Professors are unlikely to have class outside, which is sad if you enjoy snow and the great outdoors
• Inability to spend all day throwing snowballs at strangers