Hypnotized by Comedy: David Hall performs at Sewanee

by Katie Kenerly
Executive Staff

On Thursday, March 27, comedy hypnotist David Hall paid a visit to Guerry Auditorium to put on a truly unique show for the Sewanee community. Some of you who missed the show might be wondering what a “comedy hypnotist” even is. David Hall is a charismatic man from Boston, Massachusetts with training in improvisation/sketch comedy as well as in the intriguing art of hypnosis. Hall has been touring across the United States for the past ten years, and has even brought his entertaining and original act as far as Dubai in the Middle East. Though a talented performer himself, in Hall’s show the participants, those who volunteered to be hypnotized, take the spotlight.

A group of 15 or so Sewanee students voluntarily took the stage on Thursday night, uncertain of exactly what to expect from Hall. Within a few minutes, however, they were in a “deep, deep sleep,” as it always begins with hypnosis. Once awakened, the entertainment began; Hall had students believing that they were Beyoncé, in a dance competition to win a million dollars, or hugging Luke Bryan, just to highlight a few of Hall’s hilarious ideas. After the “spell” was broken, students reported having absolutely no memory of their actions, which might be enough to convince even the most skeptical of the power and legitimacy of hypnosis. If not, however, everyone can agree that David Hall put on an incredibly entertaining show; Sewanee would be lucky to have him perform again in the future!