Stirling’s Coffee House exhibits selections of Chandler Sowden’s (C’14) “On the Verge”

Photos from the exhibit

Chandler Sowden (C’14) is pursuing a major in anthropology and studies documentary photography. “On the Verge” is a culmination of a large portion of her documentary photographic work while studying here at Sewanee. Currently, along with Professor Pradip Malde and Brooke Irvine (C’16), she collaborates on Viewfinder—a photographic and discussion based effort to build resilience and start conversations in communities—in Cange, Haiti.

Sowden’s photographs, taken over a three-year period between sophomore and senior year of college, seek to explore, what she calls, a “temporary reality” found during this time. Sowden feels she is “on the way to leaving behind [her] college experience.” This forces us to leave “behind something we are supposed to live through but not continue with,” but “photographs allow us to continue with what we lived through.”

Stirling’s will have a reception to honor the artist on Thursday, April 24, 4:00 – 5:30. Refreshment will be served.

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