Denied by Denison

by Shelby Knauss

Staff Writer

On Sunday, August 31, Sewanee’s boys varsity soccer team played their second game of the season against Denison. It was a close game at Sewanee’s own Puett Field and despite a strong effort, the men’s team fell short with a 1-0 loss. Although the match was close, it was also competitive. Eight shots were fired by Denison, and seven by Sewanee (three of which were on goal). Matt Hawse (C’18), described the game as “Much more composed” than the first game against Washington and Lee, and attributed their lack of scoring to being “unlucky with some chances at goal.” Perhaps referring to Christian Gonzolalez’s (C’17) shot off the cross-bar.

The first half of the game showed a ruthless effort from both teams. Sewanee fired two shots on goal, but little progress was made after Denison’s Evan Porter scored a goal forty minutes into the game. The second half, part of which was delayed due to rain was equally as close- and though shots were taken they were unable to make it into the net.

Statistically, the teams were fairly comparable, and with the back and forth of shots being fired, much of the close game could be contributed to keeper, Conrad Bandoroff, who came up with a number of big saves. (interview from coach: will get back with response). The team’s next move is, as Hawse noted, “to work on and off the field to make sure that every training session and game will show success.”