Foos-ball is it anyway?

Foosball in Spencer Quadby Richard Milby

Staff Writer

The observant cam-pus-goer will by now have noticed the chromatic contraption monopolizing much of the Spencer Quad. But what may have escaped your notice is the exact function of the walled structure. In what can only be described as a monster DIY project, Dixon Myers and a host of Outreach organizations around campus (APO, Rethink, Pre-Orientation) have construct-ed the University’s very own human-sized foosball table. The wooden behemoth, complete with a dizzying array of ‘flying buttresses’ and multi-colored 4×4 panels is open to the public and is ready for action. Myers claims that the inspiration for the court was an Internet video sent by a family member. “We had to wing it,” said Myers of the construction process. “The video had no dimensions, no materials.” While a large chunk of the construction occurred during the Pre-Orientation program, the court’s enormous scale provided many volunteers the chance to reassemble the court in each of three locations. A group of Community Engagement House residents installed the court on the Quad for the Launch of the New Year Picnic, allowing the court’s christening games to be played by a host of enthusiastic students. The rules, Myers admits, are still a little sketchy, but essentially as long as your two hands remain on the sliding bar at all times, the show will go on. He revealed that dur-ing the building process he thought to himself, “John McCardell could play this.”

Myers is confident that the court will be met with enthusiasm. It was built in conjunction with both APO and the ReThink Taskforce as a way to bridge the gap between students and administrative officials. Myers hopes to see competitors of all ages and ability levels show up for a community-wide tournament on September 11-13. The court will remain in the Spencer Quad in-definitely with rules and guidelines posted next to each entrance.