Hendrix, you’re not in (Ar)kansas anymore…

by Caitlin McCarthy

Executive Staff

On August 14 the Sewanee Tigers took to Puett Field to face the Hendrix women’s field hockey team. From the beginning the Warriors tried to keep up an intimidating demeanor as the Tigers startled them with their fired-up cheer to commence the game.

Ready to pounce, the Tigers came out strong. Within the first 25 minutes forward-midfield Sarah Barry (C’18) shot an impressive goal, followed by another powershot past the Hendrix goalie by midfield Carrie Anderson (C’17). The warriors attempted to come back and after many attempts against the mighty Sewanee goalie, Gabrielle Fignar (C’17), they eventually were able to score a single shot.

Breaking for halftime, the Tigers returned ready to roar. With a huge shot advantage in the first half, Sewanee was ready to crush the second half. In a perfectly coordinated moment, forward-midfield Kat Mulligan (C’17) smoothly passed the ball right to the stick of Anderson who then launched it into the Hendrix goal. At this point the warriors, fearing a loss, attempted a comeback. Intercepting a shoddy pass between their own players, one Warrior was able to score a goal on the Tigers.

Before the Warriors would have liked, the clock ran out, and Sewanee had obtained the big W. During the game Anderson had shot on the Hendrix goal, scoring twice; Barry and midfield Allegra Massey-Elim (C’18) took six shots each, wearing out the Hendrix goalie; and the defensive dream team of midfield-defense Zuie Billings (C’15), midfield-defense Max Knudsen (C’15), midfield-defense Catherine Estes (C’17), and Fignar kept the Sewanee goal largely empty of opposing shots.

The Field hockey team is now 2-3 this season. They warmly invite all to their next home game on Puett Field against the heathen rivals Rhodes at 11am on Saturday, September 27.