“Words of Wisdom”

by Kirk Murphy

Featured Poet

I’m a young boy living a grown man life,

Coming from a place where you wouldn’t feel comfortable unless you had a cross or a pocket knife,

Where the fake gangstas do nothing but trap and shoot dice

And the girls are angels but by 21 they’re the hoe with 3 babies type,

As a black male in a white college our hearts gotta be the largest,

On a campus where they think plagiarism is more important than rape charges,

Some people in Sewanee just don’t under-stand the word privilege,

I got friends that used to be so righteous but with the shit that they been through…

Their whole life just shifted,

Where it’s either live that life or get your life lifted,

My rhymes should come in a bow and tie because I’m just that lyrically gifted,

It’s ironic how I lost so many friends that’s still alive

So why rap about loyalty knowing that that’s fabricated lies

Let’s keep it real

The way I make people embrace these bars you would think it was something spiritual,

I mean it’s visible that I’m a lyrical miracle, I should be a criminal for exposing these analytical syllables,

That’s cus’ when I’m inverse I make minds flip like reciprocals

I don’t think yah caught that inverse… flip… Reciprocals…

Yah still don’t get it let me get realer dude,

It’s so many fake gangstas that really think they’re all that but tbh,

You not riding with that mac on your lap,

You too busy tryna keep your baby mama off your back,

You see just knowing how to act is something we lack as blacks because since we think college is wack we would rather trap, smoke pack and lay on our backs, so how we gonna get mad at the racist white man when everyday we live we make that a well known fact?

I’m sorry I just got a nact to become a lyrical maniac but let’s get back on track,

In the words of Harun Yahya,

“I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth…

Then I ask my-self the same question.”

You see,

Not following your dream is like choosing not to open a door when you got the keys,

Or a listening to the devil instead of following Jeese,

Why choose to make life hard on yourself when you’re can be successful with ease,

See I could just never understand how a good child can have bad tendencies,

That’s why I always ask got to watch over my family, friends and enemies


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