Theme Houses kick off new year

by Taylor Morris

Executive Staff

The eight new Theme Houses on Georgia and Mississippi Avenues had a special ceremony on September 15 to commemorate the beginning of this new aspect of student life. House and room tours were given to guests, while the common areas of the houses were abuzz with fellowship and refreshments provided by the Theme House students. Guests including members of the University’s of the Board of Regents, new Dean of the College Terry Papillon, and Associate Dean of Students Alexander Bruce, met with Theme House residents to discuss the overall purposes and plans for the new houses. The event concluded with a dedication service at the University Commons.

As the week continued, the theme houses lived up to their purpose by providing fun and unique activities to stimulate the student body socially and intellectually. The Craft House had its first major event last Friday evening, a glass etching tutorial in which students created patterns on glass water bottles. Carol Anne Poyman (C’16) said, “I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and easy laughs, as well as learning a really cool craft. My favorite part would have to have been spending the time with friends”. The SPOT (Students Positively Organized Together) House took a group of students bowling on the night of September 20, after having already organized an event to the Warren County Fair the previous week. The Health and Wellness house has also begun widening the extra-curricular activities available to the Sewanee community by offering weekly events, such as yoga classes on Friday and Sunday afternoons. The many theme houses on campus continue to offer a variety of enjoyable activities for the student body that are greatly appreciated. As Austin Heerema (C’17) says, “[Theme houses like] the Craft House always provide really interesting activities, and I try them out whenever I have the opportunity.”