Drugs busted at Sewanee fraternity

By InSoo Lee, Parker Turner, and Maren Johnson
Contributing Writers

Sewanee, TN— Last weekend, the Sewanee Police stopped a student for possession of prescription drugs and marijuana in a fraternity parking lot.

The officers arrived after receiving an anonymous tip earlier, so they had probable cause and stopped to question the student. When the officer approached, he smelled marijuana and saw the student trying to hide a lock box. The officer confiscated the box when the student refused to open it, which contained Xanax, marijuana, a glass pipe, and rolling papers. Since there were prescription drugs in another student’s name, the police gave three citations and referred him to the Dean.

Other students witnessed the officer take the box and they, “were convinced we would have to go to jail tomorrow to bail our other friend out.” According to the Sewanee Police, the amount of drugs determines whether to arrest or cite a student. In this case, only a small amount of drugs was in the lock box, so the police issued a citation since the amount implied recreation rather than distribution.

This is the first citation this year for misuse of prescription drugs. According to Chief of Police Marie Eldridge, “We don’t treat prescription drugs any differently than other type of drug violation.” She implored the Sewanee community to remember that use of drugs not prescribed in one’s own name is illegal, and can be highly dangerous.


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