My big fat Italian family: The Italian House hosts a cooking class


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By Anna Nafya
Staff Writer

As dinner rolls around ,the aromas of McClurg dining fill the air. On Sept. 25 these smells were replaced by the Italian house Spaghetti lesson. One whiff of the homemade cooking and the mouth would be watering.

The Italian House held their first event of the year, an authentic spaghetti cooking lesson. It was hosted by Catherine Pace (C’16) and Sally Hudson (C’16). Events are not mandatory, but the Italian house wanted to spread the culture throughout the campus.

All were invited to join, but the Italian house set one rule. “If you want to eat, you have to help cook,” Hudson said.

Pace and Hudson started off the lesson with chopping up ingredients and working on the traditional Carbonara sauce. The smell of garlic took over the household. As the sauce cooked, Pace and Hudson taught the attendees how to make traditional pasta with flour and eggs. The two eggs had to be delicately broken into a mountain of flour and mixed with care until the pasta was at the right consistency.

As the night went on and the Italian house was enjoying the cooking and company, they were ready to pull the pasta through the machine. Pace noticed that the crank to the machine was missing. Fear rose in Pace’s eyes and the shouts of “We’re hungry!” came from the attendees.

Never fear, the Italian house knows how to improvise and hand rolled the pasta thinly and to perfection. When the meal was cooked and ready, the house sat down to a large family dinner and enjoyed their hard work.

Tessa Patel (C’16) believes the meal brought everyone together. “The meal helps to spread the Italian culture through the college community, and helps us to feel like one big happy Italian family,” Patel said.

The Italian house plans to host several events throughout the year including an Italian movie night.