An open letter to Chief Marie

Dear Chief Marie,

On behalf of the entire Sewanee community, and in particular those men and women who have survived sexual assault, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to you for listening patiently to our complaints and making the necessary changes to the sexual assault emails required under the Clery Act. While I know the intention was never to place the blame on victims’ shoulders, the language of the “Timely Warnings” left much to be desired and the changes that have been made are very appropriate and incredibly helpful. Sexual assault is a sensitive topic on this campus and in the world as a whole and I thank you for your professionalism in treating it as such; many people in your position would not have been so open-minded and receptive to change. Though the issue of sexual assault cannot be remedied overnight, incremental changes can be made to work towards achieving that goal. Thank you for doing your part to make Sewanee the respectful and safe place that I know it has the potential to be. This situation is proof that the students and members of the Sewanee Police Department have the ability to work together to affect change on our campus and I thank you for setting that important precedent. With deep appreciation and respect,

Katie Kenerly (C’16)