Scholarship for students to transform America

New York, 15 September 2014 – American students intent on changing the county have the opportunity to win a $1500 scholarship from Global English Editing.

The online company, which specializes in academic, book and business editing, will choose the recipient of the award called ‘A Better America Scholarship Program’ based on a student’s demonstration of innovation, initiative and idealism.

All American students, regardless of university or course, are encouraged to enter the scholarship competition. In order to win it, they must outline in at least 200 words how they intend to transform their country for the better. The company decided to launch the scholarship program because of the enormous potential of young people today to be change-makers and make a positive contribution to society. Global English Editing Director Brendan Brown explains: “If ten years ago a university freshman built a platform that would bring billions of people together, motivated initially to meet girls on campus, can you imagine what this decade’s Mark Zuckerberg can accomplish?

“The world is changing thanks to globalization, speed of light communication and unprecedented access to knowledge via the Internet. It has resulted in the breaking down of barriers to individual achievement.” He adds: “With a smartphone that would have been considered a supercomputer 40 years ago, a young person can turn the world on its head and take selfies all at the same time.”

Brown admits that The Better America Scholarship Program is only a modest contribution in helping a young American step forward and be a change-maker. But he is convinced that recognizing and rewarding a student with lofty idealism can assist them to alter the status quo. The money must be used facilitate the student’s agenda, but whether that involves paying for tuition, textbooks or college accommodation, or something entirely different, is up to them. As Brown explains: “If Steve Jobs was awarded such a scholarship in his youth, he probably would have spent the money to attend a Buddhist retreat and on LSD and yet we reckon he made a pretty fantastic contribution to America, and the world in general.”

Students can find out more information about the scholarship program, as well as how to apply, by visiting the scholarship homepage at The deadline for this year’s program is December 31, 2014.