Chamillionaire: A mixed review

by Stuart Good

Staff Writer

Fall Party Weekend ended on a high note for some and a low for others on Saturday night. The Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity (ATO) hosted Chamillionaire on their front lawn, and despite the cold weather, students and alumni alike came out for one last celebration of Homecoming weekend. Even though Chamillionaire did not come on until after 11p.m., the DJ and strobe lights kept the crowd loud and energetically awaiting his arrival. Alumni crowded towards the back of the lawn, amazed at how different this seemed from their own Sewanee days. ATO has previously hosted Cherub and Afroman, creating a trend of bringing big-named artists to the Mountain. Just the night before, Sugar Hill Gang played the annual Fall Party concert in the Spencer Quad.

Having large-scale concerts is a new idea for Sewanee, and some think it may not be a positive change. One Sewanee senior said, “Big names at least need bigger venues…the crowds on both nights were a mess.” Another commented, “The artists never come on until so late that the crowd gets sloppy and restless.” Afroman, another large-scale artist was alternatively a huge hit, making many, like another concertgoer, say, “it isn’t the large scale of the artists. It just depends on the performer.” Chamillionaire reportedly shouted “make some noise if you’re white and proud,” and that “people in San Antonio said Sewanee is conceited and that’s 1000% true,” and other questionable phrases at the crowd. He also teased the crowd with his most famous hit, singing the beginning of “Ridin Dirty” but always stopping saying “Sewanee was not hyped enough to hear [the song].”

All in all, while Chamillionaire himself may have disappointed some, nothing can bring down the spirit of Fall Party Weekend. The crowd still seemed to have a blast especially during DJ Wildfire’s opening act, and having alumni back on the Mountain always brings a feeling of Sewanee pride with it.