Treat yo self to Yes Please

2D274905957270-YesPlease.blocks_desktop_mediumby Abbey Good

Staff Writer

Just as we were all slipping into a post – Parks and Recreation depression that can only be filled with Leslie Knope’s crazy antics, Amy Poehler’s very own memoir, Yes Please, comes to save us all. The word memoir is a loose term for this 329 page book because while Poehler proceeds to tell all – she does not follow a linear path. One moment, Poehler is talking about her two boys, Archie and Arnett, and the next page is spent talking about growing up in the suburbs of Boston. In addition, Amy Poehler does not hold back in her experiences with cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana, and of course, there’s plenty of tales from Saturday Night Live.

Poehler’s book is a mishmash of advice, humor, essays, and even poetry. (One poem as well as an entire chapter is dedicated to the beautiful bright sun goddess that is Tina Fey.) The book itself is divided into three sections that are titled: “Say Whatever You Want,” “Do Whatever You Like,” and “Be Whoever You Are.” In these sections, Amy Poehler drops wisdom filled one liners like “other people are not medicine,” “Calling people ‘sweetheart’ makes most people enraged,” and finally “Listen to your heart instead of your brain when you mess up.” Beyond the funny observations that one would expect from Poehler, the best thing about Yes Please is how real and down to earth Poehler appears. After finishing this book, one might have the urge to attempt to become best friends with Amy Poehler, just know that is natural and will not pass. The solution: just reread Yes Please.