Cross Country team ends season with spaghetti and dancing

by Katie Lafferande

Executive Staff

On November 14, the Sewanee Cross Country men’s and women’s teams travelled to Rome, Georgia for dinner at Ansley McDurmon’s (C’ 16) house. McDurmon mentioned “I was a little worried about the men’s team. Bradford and Taylor, “Teej” Jetmundson love spaghetti and I’ve often seen them in McClurg eating it with their hands and high-fiving so that marina sauce splatters all over the table and on the people still sitting with them. I thought we might have to put them outside.” Bradford Lepik (C’16) was given the chance to defend himself: “it’s a pre-race ritual, and the sauce does good things for my hair. Makes my hair look strong.” To which McDurmon (C’16) responded: “Bradford, I like to eat spaghetti with my hands too, but I don’t do it in front of other people, and certainly not in front of a lady.” Bradford sunk his head in shame upon hearing this, and had nothing left to say. Thankfully the teams left having charmed the McDurmon family with their good manners. They went back to the hotel to prepare for the Regionals race the following day. Lex Bingham (C’17) read an incredible speech to pump up the team. Katie Lafferrandre (C’15) reported “she’s basically an angel.”

In other news, Alec Hill, (C’16) has been running mullet-less for past two races, and with good results. Hill commented: “I miss him a lot—Joshua, that is. I named him Joshua. We were incredibly close for a time, but all of the sudden I started to dislike myself whenever I was around him. Which was always. The mullet had turned me into a “bad boy.” It rebelled against me every time I tried to be good, and race to fullest of my ability. It didn’t want that for me. But I did what I had to do. I parted ways with Joshua, and have been racing faster ever since.” The team was happy to see Joshua go. The Men’s team came in twelfth place, and the Women’s team came in tenth overall. It had been a fun and fulfilling season, and the teams enjoyed dancing to the “pump up music” offered to the runners afterwards. Even Bert, the assistant coach, enjoyed the dancing. Someone wore a tiger suit while dancing. The seasonended joyfully.