Good controversy – Obvious Child at SUT

by Marion Givhan

Staff Writer

After being banned in October due to student discontent with the content of the film, the University brought back Obvious Child to the SUT for its official showing from Thursday, November 13, to Sunday, November 16. The movie, which revolves around a comedienne in her late twenties who becomes pregnant from a one-night stand, had a small but enthusiastic audience on its opening night. Chalk writing outside the Bishops Common, DuPont, the WICK, and McClurg encouraged students to go, and after the shock of the banning and the previous Purple articles discussing the controversy of the film, people expected a large turn out.

“I went Friday night, and the theatre was very full, which I was excited about,” said Claire Burgess (C’17). Burgess described the movie as a romantic comedy, discussing real life decisions that a lot of women deal with, which made her confused about the censorship in October. “I’m glad they brought it back, and that the student body stood up to the original response of censorship,” she said. Sarah Flowers (C’15) was also surprised by the initial decision, especially since “no one really knew why they’d switched it out.” “I loved the film,” she said. “The stand-up scenes and Donna’s funny ways of communicating expressed the issues she was experiencing in a frank and candid way.” The relatable moments and the way the film portrayed the reality of friendships and relationships were two aspects that the audience applauded most. If you missed the opportunity to see the film, think about the fact that it received a rating of 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film tackles a sensitive subject, and people who disagree and agree with the decision of the main character to get an abortion should watch it. If anything, it will spark a conversation about the issue and bring different perspectives to life.