Cupcakes compete for dominance

A student makes cupcakes

By Thuy Hang Tran

Staff Writer

Photo by Kimberly Williams

On Friday night, March 27, students and faculty with a ravenous appetite for desserts headed towards the B.C. Hearth Room, where Sewanee’s student organization, The Alternative Group (TAG), formerly known as SPOT, hosted a Cupcake Decorating Competition. TAG offers social activities in hopes of creating a safe and fun alternative social scene for the weekend. For this event, everyone was welcomed to come satisfy their sweet tooth and show off their cupcake decoration skills. Those who were competing displayed their cupcakes to a panel of judges consisting of Geanina Fripp (C’16), Dr. and Mrs.Bachman, Lance Hardeman, David Losson and Annika Derham (C’16). The criteria for judging consisted of two categories. The first round was based on appearance encompassing color, appeal and creativity. The second round was based on taste, covering texture, consistency, lightness, and grain of the cupcake.

The event was filled with attendees excited to gobble the delicious makeyourown cupcakes. The winners were Fridien Nana (C’17)(first place), Dr. Seballos (second place), Arthur Ndoumbe (C’15)(third place). Winners were rewarded with Stirling’s gift cards and Fridien’s winning cupcake, the Wonderland, will be featured at McClurg’s dessert line. Nicole Fischer (C’16), copresident of TAG said, “The event was quite successful, we had a good turnout of both students and faculty. Everyone had a good time making sweet treats. We are currently making arrangements to get the winner’s cupcake at McClurg.” In short, the Cupcake Decorating Competition event will be taking place again in the future based on the turnout of the event. Even those who did not compete enjoyed decorating their own cupcakes. Friendships were created and strengthened over nibbling these sweet delicacies and the inevitable smacktalk.