Radical self-love

By Bess Pearson

Staff Writer

It’s seven o’clock, the sky outside is dark, but the Wick’s living room is cozy. Strung with twinkle lights, a warm glow emanates as people pile into chairs, couches, and small plods of carpet on the floor. Despite being called “The Bairnwick Women’s Center,” the room is filled with an incredibly diverse group of individuals. Men and women alike form a haphazard circle around the room as co-directors Michelle Howell and Sarah Flowers direct the conversation.

Radical Self Love is an event that takes place after the advent of an event put on by the Women’s Center. This Thursday night’s topic of conversation was Sophia Wallace’s exhibit CLITERACY: 100 Natural Laws, that sparked both laud and resentment, alike.

Questions asked at Radical Self Love included: Is Sewanee cliterate? Did you enjoy the exhibit? And do you think Sewanee needs CLITERACY? Such a diverse group of individuals allowed for a conversation that covered a lot of ground. One of the most interesting questions asked was, what did you think about the placement of the exhibit? Some believed it would have been better in the art gallery or even the Women’s Center. Others, including the co-directors, argued that it was of great importance and symbolism to have it in the library as it is a place of both learning and literacy. The conversations went on to speak on the rape threat that was sent out over Yik Yak. It was said that this was a clear indicator of the lack of cliteracy held by the student body at large and the dire need for the exhibit on Sewanee’s campus. Furthermore, it discussed how damaging Yik Yak was becoming to the student body as the veil of anonymity encouraged individuals to be incredibly harsh with his or her words, ignoring potential consequences, repercussions, or perceptions of their statements.

All in all, Radical Self Love held a dialogue that considered almost all aspects of the exhibit and how they related to the Sewanee community. It provided a great forum for discussion and an opportunity for all individuals present to see multiple perspectives on the exhibit.