Sewanee Idol continues for 8th year

By Hadley Montgomery

Staff Writer

The members of the Costa Rica and New Orleans Outreach Spring Break trips hosted a singing extravaganza in Cravens Hall Thursday, February 26, 2015. The event was sponsored by many social organizations on campus, including Kappa Delta, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Kappa Epsilon, Theta Kappa Pi, Sigma Nu, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa omega, and Theta Pi, and for the first time in Sewanee Idol’s history, there were solo performances by Arthur Ndoumbe and Jack Burke, both winners of Honorable Mentions. This year, Rob McAlister, leading the Costa Rica Outreach trip, and Hagi Bradley, leading the New Orleans Outreach Trip, sponsored the event. Rob McAlister rocked a Spiderman suit whilst lip-scyncing to “Everything is Awesome” along with the Costa Rica group. Next, Hagi Bradley’s New Orleans group were literally “Dancing in the Streets” for their crowd pleasing performance, which won second place. Also in second place was Phi Kappa Epsilon who wore their memorable “Vote for PKE” shirts. The first place award was given to Theta Pi for their choreographed lip-syncing medley.

Sewanee Idol began as Rock-A-Like in 1990 by an organization called Students Against Multiple Sclerosis. Rock-A-Like had the same format of many acts lip-syncing for a good cause, but through the years, Dixon Myers has taken charge of the event. It has been hosted at Kappa Alpha, Sigma Nu, the Phi house, Lower Cravens, and this year, Upper Cravens, each location promising an unforgettable show. The name was changed to Sewanee Idol about eight years ago with the emergence of American Idol, and since then has continued to grow. The singing ventures have ranged from Dixon Myer’s rendition of songs to performances from many Greek organizations. Costa Rica and New Orleans Outreach Trips created an atmosphere like no other with many memorable laughs and fun had by all.