Splashing into diverse traditions at Culture Splash

Students perform onstage at Culture SplashBy InSoo Lee

Staff Writer

Photos by InSoo Lee

On March 6, Culture Splash was held at the Multi-Cultural Center from 7p.m. to 9p.m.. Culture Splash provided a stage for many different cultures to display a performance ranging from dances to stand-up comedy collaboration with Russian House, French House, Spanish House, German House, Music House, Green House, OCCU (Organization for Cross-Cultural Understanding), HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Latino Awareness), ACASA (African Caribbean Student Association), Asian Sensation, Wellness House and Italian House.

At the event, there were a lot of diverse performances and felt like travelling around the world in two hours. One of the organizers, Ekaterina Kurova (Katya), who is the Russian House Director, said that she had the idea of having an event where not one country promotes its culture, but a diverse group of cultures come together. According to Kurova, “The main point was to bring out the diversity we already have on campus.” At the event, there were also different types of food and drinks from various cultures made by students and community added, “I can just say that I’m extremely grateful to everyone who helped and proud of our work. We had a lot of people who have shown interest to the event and I am very glad so many people showed up.” One of the performers was Tariro Kandemiri (C’18), who did a stand-up comedy skit by talking about her African parents, especially Portia, her mother. Kandemiri said after her witty performance, “Being part of culture splash was an amazing experience. I loved having the opportunity to discuss aspects of my culture, and how I attempt to balance between my Zimbabwean and American culture while at Sewanee.” She also enjoyed the other performances as she stated that “Each performance was riveting and eye-opening.”

Myranda Gonzalez (C’18) agreed with Kandemiri in praising the valuable and wonderful event. According to Gonzalez, Culture Splash “was a really great event that helped bring many different cultures together. I was so proud of everyone who performed and who came to support. Being a representative from HOLA and seeing the different theme houses come with performers and different traditional food was such a great event that I hope can happen again!”