“The Last Rebel” rocks the Pub

Band members in the pubBy Marion Givhan

Junior Editor

Photo by Kimberly Williams

On the weekends, people seem to magically appear at the Pub after a night full of shenanigans, but the band that played on Friday, March 27 was worth a purposeful, sit-down visit to one of Sewanee’s main hangouts, even if only for a song or two. “The Last Rebel”, a four-member band whose members live in Sewanee, jammed out 8:30-12:30 that night. For once, the TVs perpetually set to the History Channel were not distracting, as the music compelled the audience to nod their heads and tap their feet to the beat. Their music could be heard from the top of the stairs on the main floor of the BC, growing louder and louder upon descent, much to people’s confusion and delight.

A few students walked into the Pub early in the night and gave questioning looks to the older men, dressed casually but rocking out with bluesy-country-rock style music at the back of the room. “There’s a band tonight?” a few of them echoed. Most of the audience was friends of the band and members of the wider Sewanee community who can legally buy alcohol without questioning looks from the Pub staff, and the band spent breaks mingling with people and encouraging friends and family to pick up a musical instrument. All four of the band members put soul into their songs and seemed to love what they were doing. The guitarist in particular closed his eyes and played his light blue Gibson Les Paul (a special version of guitars – only 50 were made) with skill and heart, balancing well with the vocalist’s country-style lyrics. The guitarist described the vocalist and the bassist as leaning more toward country in their tastes, while he and the drummer came from rock backgrounds. “We like to do a mix of everything!” “Hey everyone!” the vocalist said at the end of their break, “I’d like y’all to remember something: the drunker you get, the better we sound, so drink up!” No students were in the room at that moment, oddly making the Pub feel less like a hangout spot for hungry, late-night students, but a real pub.