The Green House presents: Leg & Salmon

Entertainers at Leg and SalmonBy Sophie Clark

Staff Writer

Saturday, April 11, marked the much awaited Leg and Salmon event at the Green House. There was a medley of performances which included spoken word poetry, music, and stand-up comedy. For those arriving at the Green House as the event was in full swing, the place was crowded with a multitude of people sitting on the floor and others crowded into the back of the room, standing for lack of floor space. All of the acts provided something different, whether it was a moving spoken word piece, a comic performance that had the crowd laughing, or a musical performance that people could sing along to. One of the more musical acts of the night was Bea Troxel (C’15), who gave an amazing performance singing and playing guitar. Troxel said her favourite part about Leg and Salmon was that “it’s all about the atmosphere, which is made up by the performers, of course, but also the people who show up.”

Certainly, there was a great atmosphere that night; it felt relaxed and laid back as people joined in to the songs they knew and cheered on their friends on stage. Fleming Beaver (C’15) seemed to be a crowd favourite as he began his performance singing a cover of Lonely Island’s “Dick in a Box.” The whole crowd sang along with him for the chorus, and at the end of this song, some people were yelling “play Taylor Swift!” Beaver’s cover of “22” was one of the most entertaining performances of the night, as almost everyone in the room was yelling Swift’s lyrics in time, laughing as Beaver called Mary Ottley (C’15) and some of his other friends to the front to dance and sing along. Next on stage was Edward Duke (C’16), whose performance changed gears so that the atmosphere was soothing and casual as he played a jazz piece on the guitar that was skillfully presented.

All in all, Leg and Salmon was a great event to attend as it offered a fun atmosphere that repeatedly went back between a low key, chilled out vibe, and a high energy that had the crowd laughing and singing along. Everybody can’t wait to see what the Green House will do with the event next year!