The Health and Wellness Fair brings wellness awareness to the campus

Students at the Health and Wellness Fair

By InSoo Lee

Staff Writer

Photo by InSoo Lee

On Saturday, April 11, in the Bishop’s Common, the Sewanee Wellness Action Group (SWAG) and the University Wellness Center (UWC) hosted the first Health and Wellness Fair for over 250 students. According to Dr. Peggy Farmer, the Wellness Consultant at the UWC, the fair was held into order to “achieve a greater level of self-awareness among our students on health and wellness, and also to provide them with tools and experiences to create a healthier body, mind, and spirit.” The fair also included various biometric screenings for free – blood pressure, blood glucose checks, blood oxygen levels, and pulse rate. Students also had the option to take other health screenings like HIV and HPV. After students took these screenings, there were provided with information and resources from multiples health care providers from five counties. After getting these optional screenings, there were booths in the BC Hearth Room on stress management, nutrition education, sleep program, women’s and men’s health, environmental wellness, hearth health, and more.

The event was also in collaboration with Dr. Deborah McGrath’s class, Human Health and the Environment, who provided booths on their Beersheba Springs Project and Environmental Wellness. The Sewanee Police allowed students to experience “drunk goggles” and learn information about blood alcohol content while the Tenacity Gym provided self-defense classes. For children, there was a coloring area. Not only was the fair informative, there were also activities. Hector Melendez, who has been offering back massages in the BC offered free massages. In the commonly called Fish Bowl room, Kaitlyn Roberts (C’16) offered yoga classes as a part of the Wellness House. The Tiger Girls also danced in front of the BC and let others join them for a dance session.

One of the Tiger Girls Sandy Milien (C’17), a SWAG member, said, “The fair was a great success, taking into consideration it was our first go at planning such a big event. My favorite aspect of the fair was that students were able to have access to different services as well as important information that helps to live a healthier life. I did learn something, I was able to take the self-defense class and as a women I think that is a very important and necessary tool to have.”