DJ Earworm welcomes students back to Sewanee


Photo by Kimberly Williams

By InSoo Lee

Staff Writer

On Friday, August 28, at 9:00 p.m. at Lake Cheston Amphitheater, DJ Earworm welcomed students back to the mountain at a concert presented by the Student Activities Board (The Board). DJ Earworm is famous for his annual mashups on YouTube titled “United State of Pop” featuring the top 25 songs of the year according to the Billboard’s Year-End charts. Previously called the Cumberland Bums, The Mothah Pluckahs opened the concert giving the concert a distinct Sewanee feeling. The Mothah Pluckahs debuted at the concert, consisting of Sewanee students Bella Lily (C’17), Catherine Campbell (C’18), Becca Hannigan (C’16), and Abbey Moore (C’16). As DJ Earworm does not have his own songs, he was able to play a diverse collection of songs. According to Fridien Nana (C’17), “The variety in [DJ Earworm’s] music selection, shifting from the 80’s to today’s pop, was exceptional. This was a totally different vibe and style compared to the several artists who have been featured at Sewanee.” DJ Earworm played his mashups during the concert changing from song to song seamlessly. Nana said. “attending DJ Earworm’s concert was like attending the Bonaroo that [he] never got to experience.”

As Nana said, this concert was a bit different from past concerts. At the Welcome Back Concert, the Board members, wearing blue tshirts, also gave out glow sticks to students who attended, illuminating the audience during the concert. These glow sticks have been a new addition to the free promotional items the Board has been giving out. While the Welcome Back Concert was a success, students should look forward to the next concert presented by the Board and other organizations coming during Homecoming Weekend.