Casually crafting

Simon's embroidered cat

Photo by Simon Boes

By Simon Boes

Staff Writer

The Craft House, located in townhouse 4 between Stirling’s and Humphreys, hosted its first event of the year last Friday. They specialize in open events that how to create, sew, embroider, and more. Even if you have never picked up a sewing needle in your life, the wonderful people at the Craft House can help. Or if you are an experienced artist looking for help with a project, the residents there can provide advice. Sallie Carter (C’16) stresses, “Even if you don’t feel like you’re particularly crafty, we’re happy to teach it to you!” For its events, the Craft House provides the materials needed to get the job done.

Armed with a piece of cloth, a small sketch, and embroidery equipment, I set out to create my design: a small cartoon cat. After a few pieces of advice from residents, I began the process of backstitching into the cloth. The friendly atmosphere made time pass by quickly, as I looked at the clock and realized thirty minutes had passed. It was a pleasant interruption, however, as the hosts had made snacks for everyone. It was great seeing everyone’s designs coming to reality on the cloth. After over an hour of work, I proudly finished my project and thanked the hosts. Guests are welcome at the Craft House, Sallie remarks, “any weekend, even if we’re not having an event.” Looking forward to the rest of the year, the Craft House has plans to host some of the following events: paper cutting, silhouette making, book binding, scarf making charity event, glass etching, beading, screen printing, and a Halloween party! Head over to the Craft House and meet some of the friendly residents.