An ode to squirrels

By Dori Wilson

Contributing Writer

The Sewanee squirrels are well known for their obnoxious attitudes. They stare at you from trees, pick at any scrap left behind Clurg or the pub, chirp at you, and if they are really mean, throw nuts at you. Many people have come to adore these behavioral traits, maybe even see them as an integral part of the “Sewanee Experience.” A natural extension of their I-fear-no-one attitude is that they think it is okay to move in. Yes, just like your roommate’s significant other, these critters want to cohabitate with you and eat your food. The new resident(s) of the Alpha Delta Theta house have really embraced this role. Most people don’t understand the appeal of cohabitating with squirrels. To these people, I say you shouldn’t knock it until you try it. Few things are more exciting than taking a shower and suddenly hearing loud bumps and frantic movement in the ceiling above you. #AdrenalineHigh. When you are feeling lonely at night, they understand. Immediately, they begin scratching, bumping, and chirping in the walls near the head of your bed. Sometimes they even like to make these noises in the middle of the night; it’s just another way of showing you they care. At first it’s disconcerting; I mean hearing scratching in your walls at 3 a.m. sounds like the start of a bad horror movie. But, after a couple of weeks, these noises almost become a soothing lullaby. Also, I have always wanted a srat dog, but sadly they aren’t allowed by Sewanee’s housing policy. Squirrels, however, don’t care. They just move in. Too quick and wily, this is one pet that PPS won’t get out of your house easily. Here’s to our furry friends!