Brews with Bros: Working to make Sewanee right

By Virginia Boyd

Staff Writer

The Women’s Center hosted “Brews with Bros” on Thursday, October 1, for the third consecutive year at the Wick. Maddie Taylor (C’16), a first year member of the Wick, shared the history of their recent event “Brews With Bros”:

“Brews with Bros was started two years ago by the Women’s Center to provide an informal setting in which Sewanee students, men especially, would feel comfortable coming to the Wick. Brews with Bros is another way in which we Make Sewanee Right, by forming relationships with different people who may not usually come to our house. We hope that this event will both give us a better understanding of the population we are serving, as well as give our peers an opportunity to get to know us and our mission.” The event was a great success, with around fifty people in attendance. Kathryn Willgus (C’16), who is co-director of the Women’s Center, felt that the Wick’s effort to continue bridging the gaps between more community members and organizations is continuing to promote their theme for the year: “Make Sewanee Right.” They hope to bring more people to the Wick who may not usually come in order to help spread their mission for the year. The Wick is Making Sewanee Right and Sewanee appreciates all of your work!