Sewanee celebrates Moon Festival

Lanterns are hung in the Quad for the Moon Festival

Photo by Thuy Hang Tran

By Thuy Hang Tran

Staff Writer

On the evening of September 24, the Quad was lit up with bright fluorescent

lights as students hung up colorful lanterns on tree branches. The Sewanee’s different flavors such as lotus seed or red bean. At the Asian Organization (AASEANS) informally known as Asian Sensation, in collaboration with Japan Addicts and Craft House, launched the Moon Festival as its first event of the year. AASEANS hosted the Moon Festival to share with Sewanee students one of the most celebrated holidays in many East and Southeast Asia. Students were invited to come and learn how to make origami lanterns and tune in to their creativity through face mask painting. At the heart of this event were the delicious mooncakes, which are gourmet desserts eaten during this holiday. These are round pastry cakes that consist of led a discussion that invited students to share what center of each mooncake is an egg yolk which represents the moon. Worshiping and appreciating the moon is essential because for many people, the moon is a symbol of peace, prosperity, and family reunion.

Transferring the traditional of the Moon Festival to the Sewanee community, the AASEANS officers gathered students together and explained the Moon Festival, comparing the festival to Thanksgiving because it is a time in which family gather together to give thanks for the harvest and for harmonious unions. Forming a circle, the organization they’ve “harvested” since the school year began, as well as the things that they feel grateful for. Having the event in the Quad instead of the traditional location inside the Bishop Commons, the event was a new and refreshing experience for many freshmen and also for returning students. For others, the event brought a sweet nostalgia of home in Asia. Evelyn Wint, an international student from Myanmar says, “For me, I like how it brings back flavors of home, while giving me an opportunity to introduce this festival to other students who had never experienced a festival like this.”