Students prepare for Posse Plus Retreat

By Keenan Lo

Executive Staff

This year, from January 29-31, Sewanee students, faculty, and members of the community will gather for the annual Posse Plus Retreat. A popular weekend on Sewanee’s campus, the retreat brings the Sewanee community together to discuss important issues concerning our community. This year’s theme is “Sticks andStones: Language and Speech in a Diverse Society,” and given the recent events around the world, the theme is sure to provide ample points of discussion.

The Posse Plus Retreat will feature Sewanee’s DC Posse Scholars, who have been looking forward to this event all year. Codell Craddock (C’19) says that he is “excited to experience [his] first PPR and get to know people on a level that [he] did not think could be reached.” Craddock, who went on a retreat with his Posse over the summer, enjoyed the idea of people getting closer through the retreat. Tariro Kandemiri (C’18) has high expectations for this year’s retreat. She expects to “connect with new people and learn even more about others. PPR gives us the chance to have deep conversations with people who may be out of our social group, or who are in our social group but we never realized we had so much in common, especially regarding social issues. It’s going to be a place that welcomes open dialogue.” With various people from diverse backgrounds attending this event, it will be exciting to see how the retreat unfolds. Madison Leathers (C’16) is enjoying her fourth and final retreat as a student here at Sewanee. This year’s retreat brings her a feeling of nostalgia, as “a lot has changed for me between my first and now last PPR, some being for the good and some not.” This year’s retreat will wish a final farewell for the class of 2016 and bring some fresh faces into the fold as well, making for a very exciting event.