Tigers compete against Majors

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By Fleming Smith

Junior Editor

On Friday, February 5, Sewanee’s men and women basketball teams played the Millsaps Majors. Both games were close, with the Tigers and the Lady Tigers fighting hard to the finish. By the end of the night, the Lady Tigers lost 64-58 and the Tigers beat Millsaps 70-65.

In the womens’ game, the Lady Tigers and Millsaps were neck-and-neck from start to finish. Sewanee started off strong with a three-point shot from Savannah Rose (C’17), but Millsaps seemed to match them almost point for point in the first quarter. Rose and Jamie Chauvin (C’17) dominated the first quarter, with Rose making another three-pointer and a free throw, while Chauvin made a layup and a three-point shot in the span of a minute’s play time. The second quarter lagged for the Tigers, with Bella Taylor (C’19) making a layup and two free throws while the Majors gained a lead.

However, when the second half began, the Lady Tigers came back fired up with Chauvin and Rose immediately scoring points for Sewanee. The crowd cheered as the game once again became neck-and-neck, the ball passing quickly up and down the court. Although the Majors led in the fourth quarter, the Tigers persevered and didn’t give up the fight. The game was close until the final seconds. Corey Caulder (C’19) scored the last points to bring the final score to 64-58 Millsaps.

The mens’ game had a tense first half, with the Tigers and the Majors only points apart at any moment, although the Majors commanded a small lead throughout. Jacob Mc-Cullough (C’18) scored the first points with two jump shots. Neither side gave an inch, however, and the ball never lasted long on either side of the court. After a great performance from the Tigers, the half ended in a 31-31 tie.

The Tigers scored the first points in the second half when Brody Stone (C’17) made a layup seconds into the half. After that, the Tigers quickly gained a lead over their opponents. Cody Jones (C’19) made several three-point shots throughout the half. The Majors may have played their best, but they couldn’t gain back the lead from the Tigers, who kept ahead of them for the entirety of the second half. They won the game at 70-65, with Clay Born (C’17) scoring the final points with two free throws.

Both the mens’ and womens’ basketball teams played extremely well on February 6 against the Millsaps Majors, and the impressive crowd at the games cheered on the teams to impressive performances. Come support the Tigers and Lady Tigers at their next home game against Oglethorpe on February 19.

Photos by Kimberly Williams