Simon Says: Your insight into what Boes knows

By Simon Boes

Executive Staff

Q: My Greek organization is not everything I expected it to be. Should I drop it? –Crazy in Courts

A: If you recently rushed a Greek organization and are unhappy with it, I encourage you to talk about it to as many trusted friends as you can. Most of the students here find a family in Greek organizations—whether that family consists of people you can hang out with or work with—they can ultimately trust. If you are considering dropping, first consult pledge brothers or sisters. It is not uncommon to have thoughts of leaving the fraternity or sorority. However, your closest friends will be able to advise you and talk you through your thoughts. Another important person to talk to would be the president of the organization. It is difficult seeing people leave the organization, and wherever you are, you will be missed if you decide to leave.

Q: Why does nobody come to our dorm events? They are fun and I like getting to know people! – Unhappy in Humphreys

A: Dorm events at Sewanee will be low-key and simple, which will be an attraction and a turn off for some people. Most of the time, they happen the evening when people study or have other obligations. As another Humphrey’s resident, I can attest that in our over 100 person dorm, very few people attend. I think there is a significant problem that maybe 10% of the dorm does not show up to the events. At other schools, dorm events go all out like trips, contests, or dances. Perhaps a mix of ideas coming from the Residential Life staff and lack of enthusiasm from the residents contribute to the low attendance rates. It is a problem that could be addressed, so feel free to talk to your Proctors. Truth be told, Sewanee will continue to be a welcoming place and the low participation in these random events does not do it justice.