Featured athlete: Aelin Hill (C’19)

By Keenan Lo

Executive Staff

The Sewanee Purple’s Athlete of the Week is Aelin Hill (C’19). Hill, who is on Sewanee’s Equestrian team, led her team as the reserve high point rider and won the Intermediate Flat in their most recent meet, the MTSU IHSA Show. When asked about a typical Equestrian meet, Hill explained that “A typical horse show starts with the team leaving on a Friday afternoon…and we usually head back to campus late Sunday afternoon.” Being on the equestrian team takes a fair amount of hard work and dedication, but when asked about the necessary dedication, Hill said, “For many of us this sport has become a life style and has been a part of our lives since we were little. Personally, I have always considered the horses and my fellow riders a part of my family. There is an innate beauty involved in forming a partnership with a horse.” Hill and her teammates spend their seasons building a strong connection with these horses, as the bond between the two is necessary for victory.

Many times, Equestrian is viewed as just a person riding a horse and sitting there. However, Hill explains how “underrepresented and underappreciated” this sport is by saying, “The trust involved in expecting a 1500lb animal to carry you over jumps is unimaginable for those who have never experienced it.” For Hill, and many other riders, their relationship with their horse has become a critical part of their lives. When asked about some kind of motivation for continuing to ride, Hill concluded, “When done properly, the image of a horse and rider united in the moment is simply beautiful.”

All stats and info, unless otherwise noted, are courtesy of sewaneetigers.com.