Simon Says: Your insight into what Boes knows

By Simon Boes

Executive Staff

Is it weird if I eat my Spaghetti-O’s cold? I just prefer them that way. –Pampered in Philips

If you prefer cold Spaghetti-O’s, then there is no problem with that. Especially on a warm sunny day, some cold Spaghetti-O’s may cool you off. If your friends chide you for your choice of snack temperature, pay them no attention. You should feel satisfied with your snack and enjoy it. Spaghetti-O’s are a good choice no matter what temperature you prefer them. I hope this response helps you!

How do I cope with mid-term stress? I want to perform well and not disappoint my parents because they thought this school would be too hard for me. – Stressed in St. Luke’s

Navigating your way through this time in college means not looking only for the light at the end of the tunnel. We surround ourselves with lovely people in this school; pushing  that away and focusing only on academics is a waste and a shame. This can translate into many things, but allow your friends and nature to aid you in simply going about your day – studying can be a bonus. Start your day with your favorite song, or take a suggestion from a friend. Find a niche to study and go there with your friends. I find it much easier to seize a classroom in Gailor with my friends and camp out there. If you go through mid-term season with an attitude of excitement and opportunity, you will more likely succeed. You may want to have conversation with your parents about their notion of you at Sewanee. Everyone accepted to Sewanee has the potential to succeed here. It is never a good idea to cut yourself off from conversation, so thank you for asking me for advice.