Sewanee Idol entrances a full house

Mary Lillian Tessmann

Contributing Writer

Sewanee Idol started 9 years ago as a way for the Sewanee Outreach Program to raise money for their Spring Break trips. This year the lip syncing and dance competition happened on March third in Lower Cravens Hall. The money raised through ticket sales will assist the New Orleans and the Costa Rica outreach programs. The University has a 20 year history with New Orleans, working in the city before and after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area. The students, lead by Dean Hagi, will be working with homeless pets, tutoring children, and participating in different types of relief efforts. While there, students will have the opportunity to attend lectures and learn about the local culture. The Costa Rica trip, which Rob McAlister will lead in Monteverde, works with the students of the Cloud Forest School in an effort to maintain the campus’s ecological biodiversity. The students are fully immersed into the local culture and granted the opportunity to live with families in the area.

This year’s greek competitors included PKE, TKP, KD, Fiji, Theta Pi, ATO, Beta, KO, SAE, and Sigma Nu. And (you guessed it) all of these groups were composed of pledges who had little to no say in their participation, but still laid it all out on the stage. Fleming Smith (C‘19), a pledge herself, defined Sewanee Idol as “a great opportunity to have fun, potentially make a fool of yourself, and support the community while raising money to spread Sewanee’s spirit of service throughout the country.”

Dances by both outreach programs, Posse 8, and surprise solo performances also thrilled the full house, but the evening culminated when the results were announced. Sigma Nu received an honorable mention for, as Madison Betcher (C‘19) defined it, their “heartfelt” rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody”; Kappa Omega received second in their bright blue tutus; and KD and Theta Pi tied for gold. An impromptu dance battle determined the final winner, sending Theta Pi home with a three year winning streak.

Over $1000 were raised over the two hour period and the excitement was clear. Those that organized the event did an fantastic job and will hopefully enjoy a spring break filled with unforgettable experiences.